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Ask for advice and act on it

Ask for advice and act on it

It's easy to ask advice when you are secretly just wanting praise. It's harder but better to ask for what someone really thinks and then act on it.

I got some advice from a marketer Andrea Bosoni yesterday over Twitter DMs. I had seen that he was mentioned in a Marketing Examples article so I figured he'd be a good person to talk to. I asked him to check out No CS Degree.

He told me a few thoughts including that the nav bar was too busy. In the back of my mind I had sort of thought that for a while but I hadn't considered changing it. I just kept on adding to it! It can also be hard as an entrepreneur as there are always little things to change (I need to change the social media icons and nav bar background as well). But with fresh eyes I could see he was totally right and it needed changed ASAP! I counted and not including the home link, there were 8 items in my nav bar!

old nav bar

So today I removed my /open page where I share my revenue numbers from my navbar. I made sure to check that you can still access the open page -  you just have to know it exists and look for it 😉

I had noticed a few people like Pieter Levels and Pat Walls don't have the /open page in their nav bar either and I figure it's just because a) it takes up too much space and b) it's really more of interest to other entrepreneurs rather than your average user.

I also merged the info in the Contact page to the About page. So that meant getting rid of a 2nd navbar item. It looks much better now!

Nav bar with less items in it.

So I'm glad I acted on advice I was given and didn't just ignore it. Some times you get hard truths but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to what people are saying. Andrea has a newsletter which I just subscribed to with marketing tips.