Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Pete Codes (website address: appreciates your business and trust. I am a UK-based blogger writing mostly about entrepreneurship. Please read and consent to this Privacy Policy in order to have permission to use my services.

2. Data collected


I am a UK-based blogger and operate web servers hosted in the UK. My hosting provider Ghost adheres to the EU/US Privacy Shield, ensuring that your data is securely stored and GDPR compliant.


When you register to my newsletter, your email address will be stored by my email service providers Mailchimp and/or Ghost, depending on which form you complete. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in each newsletter. This is a very easy, one-click process. All email signups have a double-opt-in process whereby you will be sent an email to confirm your wish to subscribe to the newsletter list. By agreeing to this you are giving consent to be added to the newsletter list and receive emails. Again, at this stage it is also simple for you to not agree to be added to the newsletter list and therefore not receive any emails.


Information submitted to my company email, hosted by Namecheap's Private Email service. These submissions are only kept for customer service purposes and are never used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties. Any email received with suggestions or feedback on my products or services will NOT be added to my newsletter lists.


I may use Stripe to process payments. Your data will be stored for company accountancy and tax reporting purposes.


I use Simple Analytics on my site for anonymous reporting of site usage. No personalised data is stored. Simple Analytics is a privacy-based analytics provider I am proud to have used from the very start. I have never used Google Analytics on this website.

3. Use of personal data

We use your personal information in the following cases:

  • Verification/identification of the user during website usage;
  • Providing technical assistance;
  • To send newsletters which you are always able to unsubscribe from easily with one click.
  • Sending updates to my users with important information to inform about news/changes;
  • Checking the accounts’ activity in order to prevent fraudulent transactions and ensure the security of my customers’ personal information;
  • Receive one-time or recurring payments from my user;
  • Guarantee overall performance and administrative functions run smoothly.

If you have any concerns you can contact me on pete@