Pete and a puppy

My entrepreneurship aims

My aim is to make websites I enjoy and to make a living from this. There are lots of benefits to having many sources of income vs one job. I am free to start and stop projects as I please. I can make a lot of passive income some months by making something once and then selling it many times.

That's the power of building products online. I have been influenced by the "anti-fragile" views of Nassim Taleb, although I also disagree with a lot of his other views. I'd ideally like to make a six or seven figure income as a solo founder, perhaps with one or two employees at most. I don't want to make a unicorn startup or be a billionaire.

Active projects

Former projects

My history as a bootstrapper

I've been bootstrapping full-time since July 2019 when I quit a lousy job to make No CS Degree, a website where I interview self-taught and bootcamp developers. I have since made a job board for junior developers and a bootcamp listings website called Bootcamp Index.

In October 2020 I launched a few info products like my Monetize Your Newsletter course. It's a 90 minute video course where I explain how you can make money with a newsletter without any sales experience. I also made a product called Meet Your Heroes where I interviewed some of my favourite entrepreneurs. Unfortunately though, there wasn't enough demand for this so I stopped the project.

In June 2021 I started a podcast and YouTube channel for No CS Degree. This has been a great way to get to know people better and improve my network. They are both a lot more hard work than blogging though.

In July 2021 I showed off two new projects, High Signal and Remote Companies. I changed my views over time and decided to make products in spaces where there is already competition as this means the market demand is already verified and I don't have to work out if people will pay for this type of product or not.

High Signal is a community for entrepreneurs who have proved their revenue. I think there is a good gap in the market as lots of free communities are too spammy and lots of paid communities are too big to have meaningful relationships with other people, which is what I am after. It now costs $39/m to join and we have lots of amazing members like Amar Ghose, Lachlan Lirkwood and Andrew Kampey.

I finally got Remote Companies online in July 2021 as well after having tinkering on it for 7 long months. I eventually decided to make it in Webflow as this was the simplest solution and it means I don't have to deal with deploying a website etc. I sold Remote Companies in March 2022.


Indie Hackers podcast - January 2020

Bruno Talks - September 2020

Email Octopus - November 2020

Newsletter Crew podcast - March 2021

Scrimba podcast - June 2021

Indie Bites podcast - October 2021

Software I use

This list contains affiliate links

  • Ghost - what this website and No CS Degree are built with
  • Carrd - awesome for one-page sites
  • Webflow - no-code website builder for Remote Companies
  • Riverside FM - podcast recording
  • Transistor - podcast hosting
  • Rode USB Mini microphone - podcasting
  • Descript - podcast editing
  • Telegram - chat for High Signal community
  • Twitter - my favourite social media website
  • Zapier - automating work and reducing time
  • Mailchimp - for my job board
  • Simple Analytics - great privacy analytics option
  • Gumroad - for selling my info courses and the High Signal membership
  • Track My Audience - measuring my social media and newsletter growth


I am an avid runner and enjoy parkun and running 5k/10k mostly. In 2020 I swam 1,000 metres. I also like cycling and hit my 100km goal in 2021.

I'm a big fan of shows like Curb, Atlanta, Seinfeld, Girls, The Wire, The Sopranos etc.