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Day 5 of collecting rejections - approaching newsletter sponsors

Today I approached someone I had previously contacted about sponsoring my newsletter. They had said previously that their product wasn't quite ready yet but that was a couple of months ago now. I'm making an extra effort to put myself out there just now and I'm collecting rejections every day in September.

I've made a free but effective CRM in google sheets so I'm able to make notes and look at who I have contacted in the past. It's easy to let these things slide but it's crucial to keep a track on messages in a CRM especially with messages happening across email, twitter and telegram. Having all your leads in one place really helps a lot!

I am editing the videos just now for my Monetize Your Newsletter course just now. It's available for pre-order and will be released very soon!

In other rejection collecting news, I just had my first paying customer for my No CS Degree Telegram group. I had a nice chat with Josh and I'm very glad to have someone paying for it now. It will keep spammers at bay!