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February 2024 review

February 2024 review

I had one of my biggest months for revenue last month with roughly $7,000 coming in. This isn't recurring by the way because I don't run a SaaS. It comes from a mix of ghostwriting for Twitter and LinkedIn, selling newsletter ads for High Signal and affiliate revenue from products mentioned on High Signal, my website for bootstrapped founders.

I had a good start to the month and then the 2nd and 3rd week were bleak. It was tough! Since I don't run a SaaS, my income can be quite feast or famine. It's not predictable. Anyway, in the 3rd week I realised I needed to do something about this. So I set aside a day to just do sales.

I picked a Friday and sent out about a dozen emails - it was a mix of follow ups to people about ghostwriting and pitching new people the idea of sponsoring my High Signal newsletter. I'm going to do this regularly, perhaps once a week or once a fortnight and just do sales because I'm good that and my business requires it.


The first result was $800 for 4 ads in the High Signal newsletter. I had only reached out to 3 people about newsletter ads so that was a great result! I asked one of my ghost writing clients to extend their plan and they signed up for another 3 months so that was great. I also arranged a call with a potential Twitter ghost writing client and they signed up.

p.s. I wanted to make this about my work but in non-business news, I've been hitting the gym a lot and hit 90kg on the bench press last month. I've also been getting some good 10k runs in so I've been hitting my target of 4 workouts a week. In terms of nutrition, I've also made a lot of improvements by reducing my sugar intake and increasing the amount of protein in my diet.