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The first day of making Bootcamp Index with Django

The first day of making Bootcamp Index with Django

I had a really productive day! I started the process of moving Bootcamp Index on to a site I'm making with Django. This will allow me to reduce my costs, add more features and control the design exactly as I like.

In February I worked through a lot of Django videos in a playlist by Dennis Ivy. I think at the time his subscriber level was about 2,000 whereas now it's like ten times that! It's great to see him get lots more attention as he is a great teacher.

I tweeted my progress and it was nice to get the support of other makers. I made a basic navbar and an outline for a site with Bootstrap4. I started adding information to the database with Django admin. It's exciting to see how quickly I can build something with code when I focus for just three hours!

I did run into some problems with getting data from my database to loop into my html page but I'll figure that out tomorrow. Very pleased overall!

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