Social media mentor - Twitter and LinkedIn expert advice

Social media mentor

Do you need a social media mentor to help you grow your following? Get help from a professional ghost writer!

• I have earned tens of thousands of dollars as a professional ghost writer

• I have almost 2 years of experience of managing and growing social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn

• I've worked with CEOs of $100m companies and written for brands covering industries such as SaaS, software education, agencies and lots more.

• I have over 8,000 personal followers on Twitter and one of my brands, No CS Degree, has over 8,000 followers as well.

• I offer a friendly and professional service and I can help you no matter your level of social media experience

What my social media mentoring involves:

• I review your social media posts

• I give you advice on how to improve your social media writing

• I review your social media profile and give you advice on how to improve it to get more followers

• I give you advice on what you should and shouldn't be writing about

• We do a weekly 30-minute call where we dive into your posts and review what is and isn't working and why

• If your social media posts fit my niche, I'm also happy to re-post them and/or feature them in my startups newsletter that goes out to 1,200 founders

What's not included:

I don't write posts for you from scratch or schedule content for you.

If you want me to write for you, check out my Twitter writing and LinkedIn ghost writing services.

I also don't offer any mentoring on Instagram or TikTok.

Benefits of having a social media mentor

Instead of trying to work everything out on your own, get advice from an expert! There's no lock-in so if you try for a month and you've learned everything you need to know, that's fine.

Lots of clients of mine are nervous about using social media. With a mentor, you can become a more confident writer and learn the common mistakes to avoid.

After mentoring from me, you'll know what makes a good social media post and what works with your audience.

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