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What tech stack do I use? It doesn't matter.

What tech stack do I use? It doesn't matter.

Don't ask founders what stack they use - ask how they make money.

It's something I remember obsessing over as well when I was starting out. I'm not trying to be harsh to newbies. I used to do the exact same thing and ask successful founders what they used. As if someone telling me what language they used to code in would reveal some amazing secret. Maybe if Pieter Levels uses something and I use the same thing I can get rich like him! But really, you shouldn't care about languages, frameworks or whether you code or don't code. It just doesn't matter!

  • Lynne Tye makes six figures with Node. (not Webflow, my mistake)
  • Pieter Levels makes six figures with PHP and no frameworks.
  • Ben Tossell make six figures with Webflow.
  • Pat Walls just made $10k/m with Ruby on Rails
  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff just made $10k/m with Wordpress

Use what you feel like

Having followers on Twitter is nice.

But sometimes people send me DMs or tweets like:

"Wow, you've quit Django for Flask!"

"Wow, you've quit coding for no-code!"

"Wow, you're back on Django now?"

I'm not a "pythonista", or a "djangonaut" or any other language identity.

The same goes for no-code. I seriously am not religious about what option to use unlike a lot of people.

Some better questions to ask me

  • How to grow a newsletter
  • How to get newsletter sponsors
  • How to get B2B sponsors
  • How to grow an audience on Twitter

Because my tech stack really doesn't matter 😀