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Speedy Job Board - a Webflow job board template

I've made the perfect a Webflow job board template. No coding required! This is 100% no-code. If you know how to use a computer, you can build a job board with this template. Don't spend months building something no-one wants. You can validate your idea a lot quicker with this Webflow template! It provides everything you need to make a job board business.

My embarrassing story

I once spent months struggling to code and deploy a remote work job board. My girlfriend was mad because I hadn't launched it so eventually I turned to Webflow and built and released it in a couple of weeks. I started making money by selling job ads and newsletters adverts and I went on to sell the website, Remote Companies, for a 4 figure sale to a private buyer from the Indie London Slack group.

Now I've made a job board template so you can turn that couple of weeks of building your website into a couple of hours. The first person who bought it described it as “a fantastic template”.

Here's the founder of the Remotejobs.com job board recommending you start with a template:

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Who is this for?

you want to validate your job board idea quickly

• you like building with no-code tools like Webflow

• you want a side-hustle that takes 1-2 hours to run each week

• you want to explore a modern, responsive Webflow design

• you don't need to be a programmer - you won't write a single line of code!

• you want an automated job board which means you don't have to do any programming or worry about deployment or your site going offline

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Benefits of using the Speedy Job Board template 

You get an automated job board without having to code it from scratch. You can launch in a couple of hours instead of a couple of weeks or months of building! It's far better to ship quickly and validate your idea. You can view a demo here.

The website is designed to hoover up Google search traffic through the use of SEO-optimized category filters. More traffic means more job searchers, more email subscribers and more impressive numbers to show to advertisers.

No-code job board template
No-code job board template

There is a prominent email form at the top of the website which will help you attract email subscribers. Once you build your newsletter audience, you can charge more for companies to advertise, you can run newsletter ads, or you can monetize with affiliate links. Lots of newsletters nowadays build their revenue by recommending other newsletters through software like Sparkloop, ConvertKit or Beehiiv.

Once you buy the job board template, you own it forever! No expensive subscriptions here! This will save you lots of money. There's no Speedy Job Board branding so your job board will look professional.

There is a dedicated Hire page with two pricing options. The video that accompanies this section provides pricing tips and advice on how to monetize with a freemium strategy.

Job board hiring page demo
Job board hiring page demo

I've recorded 30 minutes of video documentation with captions so you can get up and running quickly!

Because it's built in Webflow, it's easy to customize the design to your liking. There are loads of affordable Webflow designers who can change your job board's design if you don't want to do it yourself.

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Features of the job board template

It's built in Webflow so no coding is required! It's easy to edit and you can publish your site quickly.

• I show you how to automate the collection of job posts from a form input into your job board using Zapier.

• I've also provided Tally form templates for taking job submissions from employers.

• There's a minimal, mobile-friendly design so it looks sleek on any device

Job listing CMS pages to show job vacancy full descriptions with an Apply button link

• A Sponsored Jobs section to highlight jobs that companies pay to post on your job board

• A dedicated Hire CMS page with a pricing table for free and paid listings

• A video showing you how to connect Webflow to Tally Forms with Zapier so job submissions are automatically added to your website

• Detailed documentation in a 30 minute video format with captions

• SEO and copywriting tips are provided in the video guide 

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Requirements for using the job board template

• No expensive libraries or plugins required! Everything is built in Webflow

• A basic knowledge of Webflow would be ideal but my video shows you how to add/delete jobs and content on your template

• A couple of hours to make your job board fit your idea e.g. pick a niche and change the website copy

• You'll need a Webflow membership to publish your website to a custom domain

Oh, and you're not permitted to re-sell the template of course.

Don't spend months building something people might not want.

You can ship a job board in a few hours, not a few months.

Start your job board today