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I made $375 from auctioning newsletter ads on Twitter


I tried a new sales tactic last week by running an auction Twitter thread for an advert spot in my newsletter for No CS Degree. I had seen Phil McPartland from 4dayweek, who is part of my High Signal community, do a thread asking for sponsors. He would start the bidding at $1. So I figured I would do the same.

I made some changes though - I started bids at $10 as I felt a dollar was too low and I'd waste a lot of time. The ads usually go for $200 so I didn't want to devalue it too much.

The first bids roll in

Thanks to James from LeaveMeAlone for making the first bid of $10! Sure enough there were lots of bets coming but they each added only a dollar each time and I worried for a second that I'd only sell for $20 or something!

More serious bids

Then the bids jumped:

  • $25
  • $60
  • $100
  • $125
  • $150!

The winner

Ken Savage had made a reserve bid of $200 so he was declared the winner! As $150 was the next highest bid I declared Ken the winner with $151 (although it was easier to just charge him $150)

I actually sold an advert for $150 to the 2nd place person, Ryan Badger, and a discounted advert in a smaller newsletter to Peter Wallhead for $75.

Final result = I made $375 in one day with newsletter ads

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