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Collecting rejections day 24 - getting on more affiliate schemes

Collecting rejections day 24 - getting on more affiliate schemes

I'm working on asking for more at the moment. Today I got some affiliate links to promote software I use.

I use Namecheap every time I buy a domain (which is a lot, lol). I have not had any problems with them and as the name suggests, they are cheap! I like that they include free WHOIS privacy control. So this means your data doesn't end up being out in the open when you buy a domain. When I started out as an indiehacker I bought a domain from GoDaddy and then my parents started getting loads of spam mail to their house as someone could see my address.

An under-utilised advantage of Namecheap as well as they give you two weeks of their email service for free! This means you can buy cooldomain.com, build your MVP in a week or two, launch it and if you don't get any traction you don't have to pay for a new email address like info@cooldomain.com Pretty cool, huh?

The other affiliate link I got was for Proton Mail. About a year or two ago I realised I don't want to have my data in Google's hands. Proton Mail has a free tier which I use but I may upgrade soon to their paid plan so I can use their new Proton Drive feature for storing documents.

I have promoted Proton Mail to random people like my physio in the past - if you are someone that takes email addresses you probably hear gmail all day long! So having an email ending with Proton Mail really stands out! Anothe advantage is you might well be able to get your full name as your email address unlike gmail where lots of names are taken by this stage of course.

I just had to do a tiny amount of form filling in to get these two affiliates. I guess it helps I have almost 5,000 Twitter followers so I could put that on the form. It's always worth a try getting on an affiliate program though!