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Day 7 of collecting rejections - launching Meet Your Heroes

Day 7 of collecting rejections - launching Meet Your Heroes

I'm making an effort to put myself out there more this month. Today I launched a new project on Product Hunt - Meet Your Heroes. It's a weekly Zoom call with really successful founders. It will be interesting to see what the Product Hunt crowd think of it. I'd hope it would be right up their street but who knows!

I am really excited about meeting these founders live instead of just passively listening to podcasts or writing to them on Twitter and I'm very pleased with the line-up!

14th September - Anne-Laure Le Cunff - Founder of Ness Labs - 4pm UK time

- An expert on productivity and monetizing communities and newsletters, $2.5k/m

21st September - Ben Tossell - Founder of Makerpad - 4pm UK time

- Founded a no-code community earning $50k/m

28th September - Daniel Vassallo - Founder of Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience - 5pm UK time

- Has made $230,000 from his popular course and books on Gumroad in 8 months

5th October - Scott Keyes - Founder of Scott's Cheap Flights - 5pm UK time

- Makes more than $3m a year with his cheap flights newsletter

I've been speaking to other makers about this project and it's been helpful to clarify some things. Some people asked about if the price of $10 covers all the talks (it does), whether they can ask questions (they can!) and whether it will be recorded if they can't make it (it will!).

Validate your ideas by charging

I'm also reading the Mom Test book just now and it's a big recommendation. It's nice to be making a project like this and charging money. So often friends say they like something you make to be nice but charging money is the real way to test if people like it or not!