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Day 8 of collecting rejections

Another day of collecting rejections in order to get better and make more money!

I'm on track to make $3,000 this month which would be awesome - that means aiming to make $100 each day. At the moment I've made $1,075 in 9 days so that's an average of $119.44. I've got a couple more launches this month so hopefully I can get there!

Improving my community

I asked a friend Hugo to become an admin for my No CS Degree Telegram group. Hugo was my first sponsor and he is a really helpful guy so it made sense to give some control over the group.

I'm pleased to say one of the people who made $5 to join has improved the group a lot! He is making suggestions like joining Hacktober. It's nice to see that because someone has paid they want to get more value and contribute more to the group than free members.

I asked for $150 for a newsletter ad slot as my job board has now reaching just about 3,000 people. So it's good to be able to ask for a higher price. It's an obvious but neglected piece of advice to improve revenue - raise your prices!

Promo sales

I made 6 sales of Meet Your Heroes yesterday from my Product Hunt launch. I then sold some more today on Twitter. In some cases I engaged directly with people and just asked "ok, do you have any concerns?" and this got people to realise they didn't and they bought a ticket.

Once I sold 20 tickets I then rose prices. But whereas my plan was to raise from $10 to $20 I decided it was still to cheap so I took the risk of rejection by charging $30. Two people have bought at this price and they said they were excited so that's great!

I also asked a few people who didn't buy on Product Hunt their reasons why. It's great to ask people questions and find out how people view your product. I'm glad I'm validating by charging money now instead of relying on vanity metrics which give you false hope.