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Founders share their startup fails in spreadsheets

Founders share their startup fails in spreadsheets
Founders share their fails in spreadsheets

Ever seen a successful founder and assume they just got lucky?

Maybe some luck has been involved but more often than not they have plugged away at lots of ideas before hitting on one that became successful.

The other day, a bunch of indie founders started sharing lists of their many projects, mostly involved lots of fails along the way.

Here's Pat Walls sharing his many wins and fails before and after his successful Starter Story website:

Pat Walls list of successful and failed startups

Marc Köhlbrugge replied to Pat's tweet with his own list. Some really interesting sites there like SP Forums for music producers and 100 under 100, where people paid to be put on a leaderboard website (myself included, lol):

Marc's startup list

I added my own list of graveyard startups. You can see some clear "inspiration" from Scott's Cheap Flights in 2018 😅 I tried some communities but these are really hard work. When I sent out a tweet of wins and fails I actually forgot to include a directory of remote companies which got acquired for four figures.

Pete's list of startups

Some of my dead ideas became re-branded or carried on in some form in new ideas. For instance, I recently changed the name of my community for founders from High Signal to Indie Friends as it fits the vibe more. High Signal lives on as my newsletter for founder news and I'm also doing more work as a Twitter ghost writer.

Cory Zue from SaaS Pegasus (affiliate), a Django boiler plate which makes $100k a year, joined in as well with his list of past attempts at startup success:

List of failed and successful startups

Then I saw Francesco from Typefully (affiliate) share his journey

Successful and failed startup list

Dominic from MentorCruise shared all his wins and fails as well. He has had an impressive amount of sales!

I guess this all shows that you might need to work as a founder for years and try lots of ideas before you get lucky so don't compare yourself to other entrepreneurs

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