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You don't need a fancy set-up to make a video course

You don't need a fancy set-up to make a video course
You don't need a fancy video set-up

Lots of people seem to over-think what it takes to make a video course. I've made thousands from my Monetize Your Newsletter course, which was somewhat amusingly filmed in my apartment kitchen. You definitely don't need to splash out on fancy gear before you've even found out if anyone will buy your course!

Although some people tease me about filming in my bright red kitchen, most people don't care what your backdrop looks like! Hat tip to Daniel Vassallo who made six figures from his Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience course on a budget.

Here's what you need to make a video course

  • a laptop or any decent computer with a built-in camera
  • a decent microphone like a Rode NT-USB Mini (you could possibly get away with not using a mic but this costs less than $100)
  • Loom to record your screen
  • Descript to edit your video
  • somewhere to sell it e.g. Gumroad

How to improve your setup

You should probably use a proper camera if you can afford it but since most of my courses have involved screen-sharing and my face has been visible in a small circle on the right, it's not been necessary to use a high quality camera.

In my second course, Grow Your Newsletter, I used the Rode mic and the sound quality was noticeably better and I also filmed with a white wall behind me. So if you can, you should improve your set-up over time but what matters most is content.


You're not shooting a Hollywood movie - unless the sound or video is terrible, most people are more concerned with the content and what you are teaching them than the production quality.  

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