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How much it costs to run my businesses (May 2021)

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It's pretty cheap to make an online business nowadays. Gone are the days of having to buy physical servers or make your own payments software. Nowadays creators are blessed with things like Stripe, Gumroad, no code tool and lots of other software products that make starting an online business a lot cheaper, easier and more fun.

Here's an update on what I currently spend money on. It's probably a good idea if you are making a SAAS to look at what an indie hacker actually pays for. I'm pretty frugal/tight with expenses so I'm sure there are other things people might pay for which I don't. I also got a few things for free as I was a really early user like Simple Analytics. This is another reason to hang out in maker communities as you can sometimes get in early and be a beta user and save money in the long run.  

Monthly expenses of an indie hacker

Mailchimp: $65 - email software

Ghost for No CS Degree: $29 - blogging

Email Octopus: $25  - email software - get $15 off your first payment with this link

Riverside: $19 - podcast recording

Transistor:  $19 - podcast hosting

Ghost for this blog: $15/m - blogging

Descript: $15/m - podcast editing

Gumroad $10 - selling products

Trackmyaudience $4 - track social media and email marketing metrics

  • Carrd - $2/m ($24/year in sale) - website builder

Total: $223