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Launching Bootcamp Index on Product Hunt

Launching Bootcamp Index on Product Hunt

So today I finally put Bootcamp Index on Product Hunt!

It's a list of all the best coding bootcamps arranged in a Nomad List -style way. 😀

I've put a lot of emphasis on giving the user control over how to find bootcamps. Other sites like Course Report "match" you. Hello? This isn't a dating app.

It's currently in 8th spot which is pretty good. I've had some helpful comments and there has been generally a lot of great support from the community.

I had a bit of a rant on Twitter due to people saying "hey, there are already bootcamp list websites". I know! I just don't think they are any good. Both Course Report and SwitchUp aren't fun to use and I'm glad Bootcamp Index has had lots of compliments on the fact you can filter for things like payment options, stack you will learn, location and scholarships. I plan to add lots more filters besides those!

Screenshot of Bootcamp Index

My task tomorrow is to add more bootcamps! I'm also going to be going through the No CS Degree website and find mentions of bootcamps and link those back to Bootcamp Index.

I've been working on it on and off since November which is an embarassingly long time! I definitely was going to launch in November. Then in December but I just had to change something. You get the idea! Before I knew it, it had been six months or so.

I don't really know why I took so long. I guess it's just a learning moment, as they say and I won't wait so long to launch next time!