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My plans for No CS Degree 2.0

My plans for No CS Degree 2.0

I've been frustrated recently with doing lots of outreach to get newsletter sponsors this month. (If you do want to sponsor my newsletters, you can email me at pete@nocsdegree.com). So I'm going to be starting a membership feature using Ghost.

I've really been inspired by Pat Walls and Anne-Laure le Cunff and their moves to get MRR on their publications. Pat is charging $19 a month for Starter Story's Pro membership and Anne-Laure has made over $5k so far from adding a membership tier.

I have a few ideas about how mine will look. I don't think a paywall is necessarily the way I will do it. I may just give earlier access to content, just like Scott's Cheap Flights gives out flight deals earlier to their Pro members. I expect I will give some ebooks away as an incentive for people to sign up for a yearly deal. I have lots of content from No CS Degree that I can re-package into ebooks and really distil down.

I also want to launch with a cool video on Product Hunt! 🥳