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Meeting founders in Edinburgh

Meeting founders in Edinburgh

I had a great time organising a founder meetup in Edinburgh at the weekend. There's not that many entrepreneurs in this city which is a shame. Most people here prefer to be employees, I think.  

Edinburgh sort of clings on to some really big entrepreneur success stories that are now quite old. Skyscanner was started here but it wassold to a Chinese conglomerate in 2016. FanDuel started in Edinburgh but was acquired by PaddyPower in 2018. But the indie hacker / non-VC-track founder scene is pretty small.

For the past year I've organised a few pub meetups which have been fun. I think the key now is to make them more regular. I had a good time at Charlie Ward's Indie Beers event in London last month and he had good advice about events: keep the venue the same, keep the time the same and do them monthly.

Some people we had at the weekend:

  • Phil who runs a 4 day week job board
  • Cameron Blackwood who has a tech podcast and a job board for early stage employees
  • Sam and Aylin who have a few projects including a job board for architects.
  • Alex was making an AI app
  • I was talking about my Twitter ghost writing business mostly
Founders in Edinburgh

We also often get visits from Val who runs a six-figure e-card business, Thankbox.

Hopefully a regular, monthly meetup attracts more founders!

Here's the next event on the 22nd of July:

Founders meetup
An opportunity to talk about your startup or your side hustle in a relaxed pub setting.

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