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Will I hit $10k in July? Let's find out!

Will I hit $10k in July?

Revenue has been picking up recently. And on Monday the 24th I set myself the goal of getting to $10k in revenue for July.

I was at $5600 and then on Tuesday I went up to $6350.

Now on Thursday morning I've reached $9,100.

This comes from a mix of newsletter ads and ghost writing on social media.

I'd really love to get to $10k! It's been a goal of mine since I started indie hacking. When I was interviewed on the Indie Hackers podcast in January 2020 Courtland Allen promised that when I made $10k in a month I would get another interview with him. So here's hoping!

I think beyond $10k I'll stop sharing revenue figures. Like AJ from Carrd has said before, most people cheer founders on up to that point - after that it often appears like boasting and it can be more of a taboo if others are struggling financially.

Want to help me reach $10k?

I only have 3 days left as I'm spending the weekend with my girlfriend. Let's see what happens!