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When to send a newsletter - choose the best day

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The day of the week you send a newsletter can have a big impact on whether your audience will read it or if it will go to the trash. If you're spending hours working on a newsletter there's no sense in not choosing the right time to send it out. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

Here's a quick guide to what days of the week look like for your newsletter's chances of being read.


Don't send your newsletter on a Monday. Most people are starting work and are trying to make an impact on their todo list while their boss yells at them. They are most likely not in the mindset of reading a newsletter.

Tues - Thursday

These are in my opinion by far the best days to send a newsletter. The rush and stress of starting the working week has decreased and people have more time to check their inboxes and read emails.


Not recommended. Whenever I've sent newsletters out on a Friday they've always performed worse than mid-week. People have checked out for the week and are looking forward to the weekend.

Saturday + Sunday

Again, this is a no-no. You get the odd famous entrepreneur who sends their newsletter out on the weekend. It's admittedly an edgy move! You have to be a bit ballsy to think your email is worthy of people reading it instead of enjoying their weekend. I would say unless you have a massive following and people hang on your every word, do not send a newsletter on the weekend.


Having a good routine I'd say is even more important than what day you choose. You can make opening your newsletter a routine people look forward to by sending it on the same day each week. For example, I send out success stories of self-taught and bootcamp developers every Tuesday.

This means every week people are likely checking their inbox for my newsletter. If I just sent it on any day I felt like I'm sure open rates would decrease. So if you're crazy enough to send a newsletter at the weekend just be sure you send it every weekend.

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