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The best newsletters for entrepreneurs - the emails I read

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There are loads of newsletters for founders now so how can you choose which are the best? Here are the newsletters I consistently open. I hope you enjoy the list!

Marketing Examples

Harry Dry gives amazing tips on improving your marketing. One week he might deal with copywriting, another week with SEO. It's all presented in a very succinct way with no extra fluff. Essential reading!

Indie Hackers

The newsletter summarises the latest news specifically for founders not raising venture capital. It's a mix of industry news and success stories. It also includes guest content from founders such as Harry Dry and Dru Reilly as well as teases from podcast interviews done by Courtland Allen.

User Interface

A relatively new newsletter which sends you UI/UX tips every week. Great for polishing your design skills.

eBiz Facts

Niall does a great job sending you a round-up of online entrepreneurship news every Friday. Lots of offers on courses and products here.


Great for catching up on trends in different areas. Dru breaks down opportunities thematically - one week he'll focus on no-code, another he'll write about paid communities. Very popular.

Maker Mind

A great newsletter for staying sane while you work as an entrepreneur. Anne-Laure Le Cunff breaks down neuro science in an accessible way and gives tips on how to have a healthier mind and be more productive.


The Failory started out by doing interview with founders who had failed with their startup so quite a unique newsletter! They have since pivoted to include success stories as well.

Starter Story

Lots of inspiring stories here which are curated by Pat Walls. He shares interview with anyone from e-commerce founders to SaaS owners.

I hope you enjoy checking out these newsletters!

Software Ideas

Kevin Conti shows you niche ideas that VC companies have missed or are too big to target.

Justin Jackson's newsletter

Justin shows what does and doesn't work and help you avoid rookie mistakes as a founder

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