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Great BF deals for founders

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Photo by Tamanna Rumee / Unsplash

I was a bit slow off the marks this year but here's some great deals for entrepreneurs I've found. Some of these links are affiliates.

My own course teaching how to find sponsors, price adverts and make your newsletter profitable.

An upcoming course I'll release really soon showing how to build your email list

An excellent choice I use myself for making landing pages. Use the code ITSBF2021 .

The best selling course on growing an audience on Twitter. I can recommend this course and did a review of it last year

Learn how to make a bootstrapped business which you can actually sell

Learn about how to work as a freelance developer and price projects properly

A list of ways to get newsletter subscribers from Andrew Kamphey of Better Sheets

  • LeaveMeAlone - get 7 days free service for cleaning up your inbox

LeaveMeAlone is a privacy-respecting app which unsubscribes you from emails you no longer want.

Learn how to clone apps like Trello and Tinder in Bubble without code