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Day 9 of collecting rejections - asking for more

Asking for shoutouts on Twitter

I'm collecting rejections all this month in order to put myself out there more and get better results for my businesses.

Today I sent a private message to some of the founders that are appearing on my Meet Your Heroes talks. I asked them if they could send a tweet encouraging people to check out the product. This is something that I normally wouldn't do but I need to sell more tickets and I felt it was a good method of practising the whole getting out of my comfort zone thing!

Asking for a sponsor for my newsletter course

I am about to release a course on monetizing newsletters. Someone had approached me in the past about sponsoring the course. I wasn't quite sure what form this would take at first so I said I would think about it. In hindsight I should have just said yes at the time as money is money! I sent him back an email today asking if he was still interested.