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Building in public - Jan 2022 review

January calendar

I thought I'd start doing monthly reviews again. Here's a quick look at how January went.

How January 2022 went:

  • I moved my job board to nocsdegree.com/jobs - less confusing for users and hopefully better for SEO. I go over more details in this post

• I did a newsletter sale and made about $600 from that. Everyone likes a bargain!

• I got back into Next JS and coded with @jamiemchale - that was a great experience and I learned a lot from just coding with someone in person. I also got to understand better how CRUD apps work and how re-useable everything is with code.

  • I started blogging for more search engine traffic for No CS Degree - I'm targeting keywords that my audience search for with high traffic and low competition
  • I made a tiktok with the aim of releasing a video every day in February and hopefully building more traffic and brand awareness for my products.

Summary - I'm a lot more motivated now after a tough couple of months!