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Collecting rejections day 3 - getting a newsletter sponsor

Collecting rejections day 3 - getting a newsletter sponsor

I'm putting myself out there more and sharing the results.

Today I got $125 for one newsletter advert for No CS Degree. Bear in mind I started this only a year ago now. A shout out to Fathom Analytics! I'm teaching how to monetize newsletters and find sponsors by the way.

I also got a maker to agree to link back to my site. I asked for linkbacks from a couple of coding bootcamps as well - these are for the purposes of improving my SEO. I've not heard back yet.

I made a $5 payment a requirement for joining my coding community on Telegram to stop spammers.

The biggest "rejection" was asking people why they hadn't bought one of my products, Meet Your Heroes, where you can ask successful founders questions over Zoom. It was REALLY helpful getting feedback on how my messaging could be clearer and I got a couple of sales after that.

Talk to your customers!

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