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Coding my own SEO tool for meta titles and descriptions

Coding my own SEO tool for meta titles and descriptions

I use Ghost for this blog and there is a tool where you can see the right meta length. So I basically want to recreate this. I've not had much time for coding recently which is somewhat ironic gives a) my moniker and b) my line of work. In the summer I did a part-time coding course but I came to a point where I had to decide between concentrating on skilling up in terms of coding or pushing on with making a living with No CS Degree. Obviously I chose the latter!

I went to a coding meetup in Berlin and although it wasn't very helpful (some person was talking really loudly the whole time) it did give me some specific time set aside just for coding. I started working on this idea for a little web app where you can see how long your meta title and description is for blogging and check if it's too long.

On Wednesday I spoke to Richard Blechinger on Telegram and he helped correct my code. I was only a little bit out! So it felt great to have the first part of the app working. I can now count the number of characters I've written.

Richard chat about javascript on telegram

Last night I got home and did some more work in the evening and reached out to some people on Telegram again. This time I was able to write a message to the screen using an IF statement. So this means if someone writes a huge block of text or if it's just over 70 characters then a message tells you it's too long. I then made a similar IF statement to tell you if it's too short:

Screenshot of SEO tool so far

I'm going to keep going with the project, not to make money, but to improve my Javascript skills. I learned lots of things like jQuery, Node, SQL and Mongo over the summer but if you don't use it you forget it. So I'm going to do 30 minutes of coding a day, every day and hopefully that will improve my skills more. Almost every person I interview for No CS Degree says to work on your projects to learn more so I'm taking their good advice. (Which is why I set up the website in the first place!)

P.S. If you want to make a blog like this, I use Ghost.