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January 2021 - how my month went

January 2021 - how my month went

I thought it would be good to start doing a monthly update of where I'm at with my products and journey in entrepreneurship. Here's how I got on in January 2021.

Remote Companies newsletter

I started a mailing list for fully remote companies. It's early days but good to start with the smallest possible version of the idea. I've got over 100 people on my mailing list so far just from a bit of tweeting. I've sent out two newsletters so far. It's nice to be working on something different and I'm aiming to release a bigger version of the site in February!

Coding progress

I started using the Scrimba platform to improve my coding. No CS Degree mostly involves blogging so it actually takes time away from coding time. Although I am working on a new site built from scratch in Django.

Scrimba is a video learning platform with a difference - you can pause the video and directly edit the code the instructor has just written. Very cool. I've been revising Javascript and going to move on to React after that.

Some things I've learned/revised in January:

  • basic Git commands while I was trying and failing to deploy a site with heroku
  • making a website using Flexbox for my parent's bed and breakfast
  • basic Javascript
  • the importance of virtual environments in Django
  • I started making a todo list app based on the Eisenhower Matrix


I started doing sales again every day. I'm working towards a systems approach rather than goals this year. So I'm aiming to do 5 sales calls or emails each day. I've had quite a few newsletter sponsors from doing this which is great!