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What you can learn from Andrey Azimov making $10k in March

What you can learn from Andrey Azimov making $10k in March

Today's post about a maker, Andrey Azimov from Ukraine who just made over $10k in one month! His project, Sheet2Site allows anyone to make a website using a simply Google Sheet as the database. For instance, this is what I use for my job board for developers with degrees. (I changed to using Ghost at a later date)

I've been watching Andrey's progress for a long time. Basically, in 2017, I believe, he moved from Ukraine to Bali and started hanging out with Pieter Levels. From there he decided he wanted to become a maker like Pieter and he made a web app with a weather API telling people when there were good weather conditions for surfing.

After that he made a project for 2018 called Hardcore Year where he shared each month's revenue and blogged about aiming to get to $1,000 each month. He tried a few different projects like an alarm for your Macbook which would sound if someone stole it when you left it in a cafe to go to the toilet etc.

It wasn't all plain-sailing. In October he reported that his previous month's revenue had been $185. The hard thing about shipping websites in public is you can't hide from a bad month. That would have been easy thing to do but Andrey didn't.

In the end of 2018 I believe he met his goal of averaging $1,000 per month by selling his Macbook alarm app. He also made Mac apps like Progress Bar which shows you fast the year (and your life!) is passing.

Throughout 2019 he continued to work on Sheet2Site and added more features like SSL so that websites can take payments and be trusted. He added the ability to add it to a Wordpress site as well. You can also now have a Stripe button on your Sheet2Site website so you can charge customers.

To be honest I lost touch with Andrey for a bit and didn't realise how well he was doing in 2019. He got over $2k a month for the first time with some really nice peaks of over $5k as well!

Andrey Azimov revenue

Growth Mindset

What I think sums up Andrey's success most is believing he can grow and change his circumstances through hard work. I've read blogs of his before which have emphasised effort over talent. Whenever I'm slow to release something built with Sheet2Site, Andrey sends me a message wanting to know progress!

As you can see from the graph above he has had an incredible run, going from averaging $1,000 in 2018 or thereabouts to over $10,000 in one month in 2020. I think if you said to most people that they could multiply their income by a factor of 10 within 2 years they would think you were crazy! Andrey, you are a real inspiration for all of us!

Making something people need

Andrey has obviously tapped into a need that people that don't know how to code a backend of a website have. It seems perhaps that amidst the Corona virus there are going to be more entrepreneurs as people that are laid off need to get creative and make money another way.

As other people like Ben Tossell have shown, there is a big demand for no-code tools so I think Andrey made a smart decision with building Sheet2Site when he did. Also, as it's a subscription he can get a reliable income each month .

Final thoughts

Andrey actually challenged me to make $10k a month by the end of this year on my birthday last November. It was a daunting challenge at the time and still is in a way but I think if I have a growth mindset like Andrey that I can do it too!

I've been reading lots of Nietzsche recently and he talks about using envy as a tool. You can either see someone more successful and attribute their results to luck, circumstances, people they know etc and try and pull them down or you can see them as a beacon for what you can achieve. So if you see someone that is doing a great job, be inspired by them!